Welcome to the Guild of British Molecatchers

All registered full members of the Guild have their name and their accreditation level (if any) displayed on the appropriate area page of our website.

"Find a Molecatcher" page showing:

  • Both  full name and company name (if applicable)
  • Type of service offered
  • Contact telephone numbers (landline and/or mobile)
  • Email address
  • Website address
  • 70 characters of description (must include a description of the area in which services are offered)

All information collected is subject to our Privacy Policy.

Before commencing the application process, please read the Guild's Code of Practice and Terms and Conditions of Membership

Membership to the guild

Membership to the Guild is an annual fee of £ 30.00 the Guild have no wish to profit from it members

Having decided you wish to become a member of the Guild of British Molecatchers send your e mail address on the link below and

you will be contacted shortly after.

The Guild welcome members to use the Guild logo on websites etc

For a FREE J Peg of the Guilds Crest, please contact the secretary by email  gbm.membership@hotmail.co.uk

Also available is the unique enamel Guild crest badge for £ 6.50 including P&P.

To Join the Guild of British molecatchers send your e mail address and we will send you details

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