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Molecatchers listed with this logo over their name are full Master Molecatchers and have worked to achieve both theoretical and practical accreditation. They strive to work to the highest possible standards to assist you in your request for a solution to your mole.

Master Molecatcher Part 1

 Molecatchers listed with this logo over their name hold the Master Molecatcher part one theoretical but have not to date achieved their practical part two
Your request can be apart of their next stage ask to sign their evidence record log

Un accredited member

Molecatchers listed with this logo over their
name have not to date achieved any level of accreditation

Some molecatchers strive to meet the requirements to become proficient in what they do
If this area has no listings then it means some cannot agree or achieve the level of welfare or standard of service to be a member of the Guild.

DTL Pest Control
David Owens

Tel:07752 771209

Mob: 07752 771209

A Brown Traditional Molecatcher

Tel: 01505 844957

Mob: 07901 820621
Over 10 years experiance in Mole Catching in the Renfrewshire & North Ayrsh area.

Join the future for Mole control

Membership only £30.00 for the year.A non profit organisation for its members..