Do the devices used today kill the mole instantly

Despite marketing claims - posts on media and assurance from the operators the mechanical devices used against moles do not kill instantly
The mole is restrained until life expires from stress, exhaustion, dehydration or from starvation


What many people that control moles are completely unaware of is that the devices they use do not actually kill a mole instantly. Yes they will claim this is the case as when ever they have inspected a device the mole has died but when did the mole die- certainly not the moment it entered into the device. Marketing claims fuel these operators claims that all device kill the moles instantly and nothing will change their minds after all the people that sell these devices say so and that is good enough.

It is also important to consider the types of devices available and exactly what impact they have upon a target mole. The moles skeletal structure actually provides a direct shield from any device that contacts the mole from a side impact. Many of the devices actually always target the mole to this part of its anatomy. Some actually employ prongs or tines that are a direct use of an implement that is designed to impale which is actually illegal under the Mammal Act, but many operators will claim that mole traps are exempt from any approval - yes they are exempt from the spring trap order, they refereed to under the small ground vermin order 1958 which includes traps of a break back type used for rats and those traps used to control moles in the tunnels. But this Vermin act has no actual wording to the use, it only exempts them from other classification. What is important is that the mole is a mammal and is actually protected under acts relating to animals.
There has been no official testing of any device used against a mole by the HM Government to both the effectiveness or humanness of any device, this places the level of humanness to the operator and their attitude towards that animal.
Under the Animal welfare act  all animals are a protected animal if they enter into any device placed for their capture, if they do not enter into the device then they are not protected. so, if a mole enters into a device placed for its capture then it will be protected against any unnecessary suffering under the Animal Welfare act.
As no device used against a mole will kill it as always claimed then the mole is directly subjected to a level of suffering, the period of suffering depends upon what effect the device has upon the target mole.

Due to the harsh locations that any device is required to be set to remove a mole certain influences will also have an impact upon the situation such as if the device is tampered with  by a third party either intentionally or by accident or if the mole from its own actions prevents any full operation of the device placed for its capture. There are many reasons to inspect a device placed for the capture of a mole a minimum of just once per day , there is not a single reason not to inspect it- the truth that devices currently used against moles ,do not kill instantly is another reason for these inspections to be made by anyone placing a device for the capture of a mole- the claim that the mole will die instantly is a myth.