Magic of the Moles foot

Throughout history the mystery of the mole  has had many tales told about it and no more than the ability for the moles front feet to cure and protect.

Morbi in sem

The practice of wearing a moles foot around the neck was common amongst rural communities to protect against toothache. It was also believed to ward off evil and bad luck so when your molecatcher provides your next mole consider the gift they provide.

I arm labourers once carried moles’ legs in a bag around their necks to protect against toothache[viii]. Such bags also treated epilepsy and scrofula (a skin disease), and people kept moles’ hands in their pockets to guard against rheumatism[ix]. Just in case you were hoping the practice of using moles in medicine had been banished to distant history, moles’ hands and feet were still being carried as remedies i nteger ac vehicula eros, sed dictum sapien. Donec dignissim porttitor ante, sit amet placerat dui. Donec mollis vel arcu et efficitur.