The Life Blood in Moles

The cures for many ailments through history have used strange and wonderful remedies all claiming to work. One well referenced remedy was for a form of madness, possibly what we know today as epilepsy. It was believed that the blood of a mole would relieve the madness and anyone suffering a fit was given a drink of blood from a mole.  Even reports of those experiencing an epileptic fit were given a mole to bite upon, the mole had to be alive and the warm healing blood consumed.

We will never know where many of these remedies came from, did someone witness some unfortunate individual suddenly have what at that time they considered madness, whilst holding a freshly caught mole and in the distraught that followed bite down upon it and shortly after the madness left them. Like so many myths now it is the misunderstanding and the circumstances that we often fail to accept that so many of these tales are born.

And whilst you are here- should you wish to be rid of that annoying mole om your body- just drip a little mole blood on it - it will be gone by the morning?