Who is a Master Molecatcher?

A Master Molecatcher is a unique person who has displayed an interest in obtaining both a theoretical knowledge and practical skills in traditional mole catching .  Currently there are no official government qualifications for anyone undertaking mole control by the traditional method of trap use. Many people have an incredible ability to control moles and an in depth knowledge of their target species - the Mole. The Guild of British Molecatchers immediately recognised this and created the opportunity for those people to be acknowledged  for this dedication with its accreditation process and training courses. This has culminated in the nationally recognised award of   MASTER MOLECATCHER.

"Where man and mole respect each other"

There are and will be those people that will claim that you do not need to have such an in-depth knowledge or even such awards to control moles and this has been displayed by many claiming on web sites and on media sites that they are a Master Molecatcher, this is a self adorned award with all the claims of testimonials and praise to their prowess to remove the humble mole. Only those displaying the Official Master Molecatcher logo have achieved this.

Consideration towards the welfare for any animal is without doubt a key factor in the modern world. It is important to ensure that any form of unnecessary suffering is reduced or removed with any involvement or intervention from man, either in its care or its management.

Mole control should be no different, and this is honestly and openly demonstrated by those people who have or are working to truthfully attain the title MASTER MOLECATCHER

What makes a Master Molecatcher?

Dedication and commitment to maintain a working practice that is proven to provide the highest level of welfare for the mole and best possible service to the customer.

Why should I become a Master Molecatcher?

If you want to provide the best possible service to your customers with the best possible working practices then there is no reason not to. As you will experience no change in anything you currently carry out. If you feel that you could or would like to step-up that service to a superior level then becoming a Master Molecatcher will not only benefit yourself- your customers but also the mole.

Why should someone employ a Master Molecatcher?

The reasons are justified in that they will receive a service from someone that has worked and acquired a personal knowledge on the mole, which they have adapted to enhance their skills to offer the best value for service and reducing damage. They will have the peace of mind that the consideration for welfare of a creature many seldom want to cause any harm to, has been maintained and openly demonstrated.

The Master Molecatcher scheme is fully accredited by
and supported by
The Guild of British Molecatchers

Bringing mole control into the 21st century

Part 1

Those members displaying the Master Molecatcher Part 1 logo have worked to attain a recognised  theoretical knowledge of the mole and traditional methods for its control.

Full Master award

Those members who have worked to obtain the Full Master Molecatcher award have completed both theoretical and practical evidence assessments and have proven that they operate to provide the highest possible levels of welfare for the mole.

To find out how to become a certified recognised MASTER MOLECATCHER - click the logo below