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Molecatchers listed with this logo over their name are full Master Molecatchers and have worked to achieve both theoretical and practical accreditation. They strive to work to the highest possible standards to assist you in your request for a solution to your mole.


 Molecatchers listed with this logo over their name hold the Master Molecatcher part one theoretical but have not to date achieved their practical part two
Your request can be apart of their next stage ask to sign their evidence record log


Molecatchers listed with this logo over their
name have not to date achieved any level of accreditation

 Some molecatchers strive to meet the requirements to become proficient in what they do
If this area has no listings then it means some cannot agree or achieve the level of welfare or standard of service to be a member of the Guild.

David Owens

Tel : 07752 771209
Mob : 07752 771209


John Montgomery

Tel:01382 552838

Mob: 07775 409509

Lee Wilson

Mob: 07770 574535

Southern East Scotland

Welcome to the Guild

Traditional Methods and Values .Mole traps at discounted prices for members.
Training courses.

Berwickshire Area

Kevin Mulhern Mob:- 07811 817799


Dunbar & surrounding areas.Berwick upon Tweed area also.

Traditional Mole Control

Recognised training courses available by a Uk Rural Skills instructor.Contact the membership secretary for further details.